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This may seem odd, but I like having my notes handy on a website like this as opposed to distributed among Apple’s Notes app, BeerSmith notes within recipes, and other assorted places. This is public so you can get an idea of where I’m at currently.

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Stuff to buy

  • Storage vessels for DME and smaller amounts of grain

To-do list for brewing

  • Cut down the airlock that I use for blowoff tubing so that it fits better into the tight confines of my fermentation chamber.
  • Install thermowell into fermentation vessel lid (16″)
  • Make a better storage solution for small amounts of grain and dried extract
    • put specialty grains into gallon ziplocs and place in vittles vault.
  • Make a better storage solution for tools and small parts
  • Watch more of the Beer&Brewing video series
  • Get carbon filter that fits my filter housing
  • Dial in BeerSmith profiles
  • custom brewing checklist in BeerSmith
  • calibrate all thermometers including on kettle
  • Make a keg washer like this (hopefully I can use the 290 gph pump)