I got a water report from Ward Labs done in March 2015. Albuquerque gets an increasing portion of it’s water from the river so it changes through the year, but I haven’t retested it since then. (In the future, I’m planning on small Gypsum additions for hoppy beers, a pH meter for accurate mash pH testing, and further adjustments.) For now, I’ll likely start using a carbon activated filter for removing chlorine and chloramines with the next batch.

Ward Laboraties ABQ kitchen tap water report (03/03/2015)
Sodium, Na28 ppm
Potassium, K5
Calcium, Ca37
Magnesium, Mg8
Total Hardness, CaCO3126
Nitrate, NO3-N0.3 (SAFE)
Sulfate, SO4-S12
Chloride, Cl35
Carbonate, CO3Undetectable/less than 1.0
Bicarbonate, HCO3150
Total Alkalinity, CaCO3124


I typically do a single infusion, batch sparge, no mashout with approximately the following parameters.

  • Loose about .13 gals per lb of grain or 1.45 gals for an 11lb grist.
  • Loose about .13 gals to mash tun deadspace
  • Loose about 2F every 15mins during mash, remedied with 1qt (.25 gal) boiling water
  • To collect 7 gallons pre-boil volume (11lb grist example):
    • Strike with 4.5 gals for mash
    • infuse probably 2x with 1qt boiling water to raise temp 2F each time
    • Collect ~3.5 gals
    • Sparge with 4 gals
    • Collect ~3.5 gals

Boil + Chill

Primary Fermentation

Gelatin Fining + Kegging + Serving

Add gelatin directly to keg (prior to kegging) on kegging day. Reduces beer exposure to oxygen during fermentation.

Make gelatin solution. I followed my friend Brad’s method of combining 1/2 tsp Knox Unflavored Gelatin with 1/4 cup cool water then microwaving it in short (7 second) bursts until it reached 145-150°F, stirring with the end of a thermometer between each burst. –Brulosophy


from fermenter

from keg


I have a triple-tap kegerator with Perlick 630ss taps and splitter that goes to a single line and a 3-way manifold. The single line is used for bottling from the keg with the Blichmann Beer Gun.

  • Temp: 45*
  • PSIG:  15 (12.5+2.5 for 5000ft elevation)
  • Carb vol: ~2.2
  • Restriction: ~15lbs (unbalanced at ABQ altitude? try making lines 7ft in future)
    • serving tubing length: 5’ (11lbs)
    • elevation: 4’ (2lbs)
    • tailpiece: (~2lbs)