Well holy hell, Nicholas. Thanks for kicking me in the butt.

Hi. I’m John. I make beer. Technically, I make wort (sugary and hoppy water), and the yeast turn that into beer. Since they die off in a matter of days off finishing their duty, I’m taking the credit.

I’ve been a homebrewer for more than fifteen years. Next year, I’m planning to transition into brewing as a professional. First up is a six-month certification program through the American Brewer’s Guild followed by an internship at one of the amazing local breweries in Albuquerque. Then I try to get one of those breweries to hire me.

I’ll be homebrewing all along the way still. There’s lots of science to learn, and eight brewing science textbooks to learn it from. Fortunately I have a ‘lab’ in my own backyard.

The backyard brewhouse

The backyard brewhouse

I made a little video chronicling the brew day for my latest batch. Not shown: about a hundred calculations, measurements, conversions, and steps of cleaning/sanitation.

This beer is named in honor of our yoga instructor, wedding officiant, and dear friend, Dharmashakti.

The “Granday Blonday” will be entered very fresh into the Dukes of Ale New Mexico Homebrewing Competition in September.

Brew Day: Guru’s Grande Blonde. A #homebrew video chronicling my #brewday. #abqbeer #craftbeer #dohomebrew

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